rspRoad Safety Patrol Squad : 

The R.S.P Squad was revived in 1960 after a lapse of several years. Its first functioned in 1935 as the Safety First Squad. Pupils are trained by the Traffic Police Department and apart from regular practices,rallies and parades, they render excellent service to motorists and pedestrians when the services of the squad are placed at the disposal of the Traffic Police for the Independence Day, Republic Day,Ganesh and other festivals. Pupils of classes 7 to 9 may join.

Our students have always prided itself in sporting excellence. we encourage everyone to participate in different sports and our Sports Academy provides excellent infrastructure and coaching. For more details please visit the Sports Academy Page

Our library’s objective is to encourage the habit of reading; Children have access to physical books  as well as an e-library right from the Kindergarten level. They realize the joys of reading as well as the importance of books, in their formative years itself.

Students and staff who use the library are bound by the rules and regulations of the library. Library timings are:

Students: Monday to Friday 1p.m. to 2 p.m.

Staff: Monday to Friday 1.30 am to 12.30 p.m. ( for borrowing books)

Staff may use the library during their free classes for reference work only. Students are also permitted to use the library during class hours when teacher is absent, when the Supervisor sanctions it.

The school has fully equipped science laboratories for the students to carry out their experiments


Scouting was founded in India in 1909 as an overseas branch of the Scout Association and became a member of the World Organization of the Scout Movement in 1938.  We have a very active scouts organisation which believes in the motto “BE PREPARED”


band-1School Band :

Pupils of classes 7 to 9 are encouraged to join the school band who done us proud at several public functions and meets. Pupils are trained to play the flute,drum,bungle and cymbals.