Online Craft Competition 2020-2021

Online Craft Competition 2020-2021

Online Craft Competition 2020-2021

The Craft competition was conducted online on 4th September 2020 at 10:15 a.m.
Total 30 students from standards 5 and 6 participated. They made flowers out of waste materials.
The competition gave an amazing platform for the students to showcase their creativity.
The Craft competition was organized by Miss Shabana Khan with the help of Miss Disha Kanojia, Miss Snovhiya D’mello, Miss Aquina D’monte, Miss Chiara D’Souza and Miss Kavita Mishra.

Prize winners of standard 5

1) Vedang Sushil Kokate 5D
2) Nihalraj Shripat Gundu 5C
3) Himanshu Pramod Waghdhare 5E
1st Prize Vedang Sushil Kokate

1st Prize Vedang Sushil Kokate

2nd Prize Nihalraj Shripat Gundu

2nd Prize Nihalraj Shripat Gundu

3rd Prize Himanshu Pramod Waghdhare

3rd Prize Himanshu Pramod Waghdhare

Prize winners of standard 6

1) Amogh Siddharaj Berde 6C
2) Aayush Sachin Madav 6A
3) Adhyan Rakesh Gupta 6B
1st Prize Amogh Siddharaj Berde

1st Prize Amogh Siddharaj Berde

2nd Prize Aayush Sachin Madav

2nd Prize Aayush Sachin Madav

3rd Prize Adhyan Rakesh Gupta

3rd Prize Adhyan Rakesh Gupta

Virtual Science Quiz Competition 2020

On the eve of ‘AKSHAY URJA DIWAS’, a virtual Science Quiz was held on August 20,2020 from 10.30 am to 1.30 pm.

Students from std V to X participated in the quiz. Questions related to Energy, Astronomy, Scientists and their contribution were asked. The Rapid Fire round added a thrill to the competition. Students enjoyed this new experience. The sincere efforts and tremendous hard work put in by the entire team of science teachers made this event possible.

Winners of the competition (Juniors)

Class Name Rank
5 C Shreyas Kamble 1st Place
6C Atharva Kale
7C Parth Tandel
5D Vedant Kokate 2nd Place
6D Soham Dabhole


7D Nihar Pandey
5A Vansh Wadkar 3rd Place
6A Shaurya Girkar
7A Rehan Shaikh

Winners of the competition (Seniors)

Class Name Rank
8 E Anshal Ghadge 1st Place
9E Om Kanse
10E Vinit Jain
8A Aditya Sawant 2nd Place
9A Harsh Patki
10A Devansh Sharma
8C Aditya Kank 3rd Place
9C Prajat Gajenji
10C Adinath Madyalkar











Online Hindi Elocution Competition 2020

The Hindi Elocution competition was held on August 19, 2020 from 2.30 pm to 5.00 pm.  Students from standard V to X participated in the competition. Std V to VIII recited various hilarious poems . Std IX & X students spoke on current affairs such as Effect of Covid 19 , Boycott of Chinese products etc .The tremendous hard work of the teachers and students made this event successful.
The winners of the competition as follows:

5th Std
1st : Swarang Revane
2nd : Dhruv Arunthathiyar
2nd : Anish Patil

6th Std
1st : Krish Parmar
2nd : Soham Dabhole

7th Std
1st : Nihal Konda
2nd : Mayuresh Katkar

8th Std
1st : Anvay Thamake
2nd : Anshal Ghadge

9th Std
1st : Chaitanya Awasthi
2nd : Karan Sawant

10th Std
1st : Hardik Yadav
2nd : Devansh Sharma
2nd : Anuj Gawde



The Glimpse Of Competition




Review of the Judges


Online English Elocution Competition 2020 -2021


The English Elocution Competition was conducted online on August 17, 2020 at 11.00 am.

The student of standards 5 to 8 recited poems whereas the student of standards 9&10 delivered speeches on varied topics.

The Competition gave a lot of encouragement and confidence to the participants.

The judges of the event were Mrs. Pamela D’souza and Mrs. Josephine Gad of the Primary Section.

The results of the Competition are as follows.

5 D 1 st Darsh Chavan
5 A 2 nd Vian Kamble
5 E 2 nd Arin Warang
6 E 1 st Trushant Rapolu
6 C 2 nd Anubhav Mishra
7 C 1 st Parth Tandel
7 D 2 nd Nihar Pandey
7 E 2 nd Swaroop Patil
8 A 1 st Shreyash Chavan
8 E 2 nd Shlok Kolte
9 C 1 st Prajat Gajengi
9 B 2 nd Bhargav Kshirsagar
10 B 1 st Rohit Darekar
10 A 2 nd Vraj Birje

Marathi Elocution Competition

The Marathi Elocution competition was held on August 18, 2020 from 11.00 am to 1.30 pm. The students from standard V to X wholeheartedly participated in the competition. The topics for standard V to VIII for the competition varied from songs on patriotism to songs on nature. The speech topic for standard IX & X was whether ‘Online education is a boon or a bane?’ The teachers guided the students with their pronunciation, voice intonation and content. It was a combined effort of the teachers and students that made the competition a great success.

The following are the winners of the competition.    


First place                  –  Vallabha Chavan              5C

First place                  –  Shardul Gaikwad             5D

Second place             –  Sourish Shinde                  5E



First place                  –  Atharva Kale                     6C

First place                  –  Aryan Ghagare                 6E

Second place             – Yash Shirke                        6B

Second place             – Amogh Haldankar            6D



First place                  –  Parth Tandel                      7C

Second place             –  Mayuresh Katkar             7A



First place                  – Arnav Kokate                     8A

Second place             – Nisarg Revadekar             8D



First place                  – Shreyash Kawthankar      9A

First place                  – Chaitanya Awasthi           9B

Second place             – Mehul Narvekar               9C



First place                  – Sarthak Pawaskar              10C

Second place             – Rutvik Mainkar                 10A




Independence Day 2020

Independence Day 2020

On the 15th August 2020 our school ensured that the fervor of patriotism lives on, and shifted our Independence Day celebrations online. The live part of the online Independence Day celebrations  was the flag hoisting ceremony at the school where the Principal hoisted the national flag along with our Honourable Trustee Mr. Joseph D’Souza, the Vice Principal, Headmistress, and the Supervisor of the Junior College.

As the pandemic is still raging, the teachers went digital, to connect with both students and parents, to make this celebration a memorable one. To commemorate the 74 years of Independence, the teachers worked meticulously to make this day an eventful one. Class teachers of every standard connected with parents and students through Google meet at 8am. A pre-recorded video on Independence Day was presented to the students to view. Students of each class also sang patriotic songs and made speeches in their respective virtual classes. The celebration ended with a thank you to the students and parents for joining this virtual celebration.


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