The admissions to Jr. KG at Creative Academy is now CLOSED. No applications will be accepted after this time.

The document review meeting will be held on 2 May. Both parents and applicant must be present for the document review meeting at the time mentioned below. Original documents must be brought for verification and photocopies for submission.


  • Coloured Passport size photo of the child (45mm x 35 MM)
  • Family photo max width 10 cm

Documents for Parents

  • Aadhaar card for Mother/Father
  • Proof of Residence: Ration Card, Utility bill, Passport
  • Proof of ID: Passport, Voter ID, PAN Card
  • In case Father is an alumni, the school leaving certificate/alumni card

Certificates & Reports

  • Completed online application form, printed and signed by both parents.
  • Municipal Birth Certificate of the child
  • Baptism certificate of the child – in case of Christians only
  • Caste Certificate (in the Child’s name) – optional
  • Medical Certificate – compulsory in case of disability
Admission to Date of Birth From Date of Birth Till
Jr. KG 1 Jan. 2013 31 Dec. 2013

Selection Process

DO NOT SUBMIT THE COMPLETED APPLICATION FORM to the school until you are notified to do so via SMS and/or this school website page.

All communication will be done via SMS. Please do not disturb the school authorities during the admissions process.

Application Link

Portal is now CLOSED.

Form ID Timeslot
DRADHS-2017-2018-1035721-Jr KG-0577 9:00am
DRADHS-2017-2018-1037343-Jr KG-0839 9:00am
DRADHS-2017-2018-1034508-Jr KG-0283 9:00am
DRADHS-2017-2018-1036840-Jr KG-0753 9:00am
DRADHS-2017-2018-1033975-Jr KG-0880 9:00am
DRADHS-2017-2018-1034302-Jr KG-0146 9:00am
DRADHS-2017-2018-1034409-Jr KG-0260 9:00am
DRADHS-2017-2018-1035365-Jr KG-0642 9:00am
DRADHS-2017-2018-1034212-Jr KG-0887 9:00am
DRADHS-2017-2018-1036391-Jr KG-0690 9:00am
DRADHS-2017-2018-1036443-Jr KG-0775 9:00am
DRADHS-2017-2018-1037067-Jr KG-0788 9:00am
DRADHS-2017-2018-1038374-Jr KG-0890 9:00am
DRADHS-2017-2018-1034556-Jr KG-0299 9:00am
DRADHS-2017-2018-1034439-Jr KG-0466 9:00am
DRADHS-2017-2018-1034625-Jr KG-0411 9:00am
DRADHS-2017-2018-1035216-Jr KG-0680 9:00am
DRADHS-2017-2018-1034448-Jr KG-0337 9:00am
DRADHS-2017-2018-1033574-Jr KG-0423 9:00am
DRADHS-2017-2018-1035206-Jr KG-0451 10:00am
DRADHS-2017-2018-1032396-Jr KG-0307 10:00am
DRADHS-2017-2018-1034718-Jr KG-0340 10:00am
DRADHS-2017-2018-1037296-Jr KG-0832 10:00am
DRADHS-2017-2018-1035884-Jr KG-0894 10:00am
DRADHS-2017-2018-1035625-Jr KG-0589 10:00am
DRADHS-2017-2018-1035627-Jr KG-0551 10:00am
DRADHS-2017-2018-1036429-Jr KG-0825 10:00am
DRADHS-2017-2018-1034198-Jr KG-0755 10:00am
DRADHS-2017-2018-1035210-Jr KG-0456 10:00am
DRADHS-2017-2018-1031636-Jr KG-0131 10:00am
DRADHS-2017-2018-1037074-Jr KG-0790 10:00am
DRADHS-2017-2018-1037241-Jr KG-0837 10:00am
DRADHS-2017-2018-1030739-Jr KG-0270 10:00am
DRADHS-2017-2018-1034199-Jr KG-0044 10:00am
DRADHS-2017-2018-1021880-Jr KG-0243 10:00am
DRADHS-2017-2018-1038948-Jr KG-0934 10:00am
DRADHS-2017-2018-1036522-Jr KG-0703 10:00am
DRADHS-2017-2018-1034704-Jr KG-0563 10:00am
DRADHS-2017-2018-1034173-Jr KG-0241 10:00am
DRADHS-2017-2018-1034416-Jr KG-0196 10:00am
DRADHS-2017-2018-1014581-Jr KG-0426 10:00am
DRADHS-2017-2018-1035102-Jr KG-0410 10:00am
DRADHS-2017-2018-1035200-Jr KG-0450 10:00am
DRADHS-2017-2018-1035252-Jr KG-0465 10:00am
DRADHS-2017-2018-1034379-Jr KG-0360 10:00am
DRADHS-2017-2018-1036175-Jr KG-0672 10:00am