It’s May 1st Maharashtra Day and today as we face an unprecedented pandemic we pray that our beloved state and city Mumbai will win the battle with the dreadful virus & bring relief to all. Jai Maharashtra.
On this day every student eagerly waits to receive the result of his performance in school in the academic year. This year however as declared by the education department all students have been promoted to the next class. The divisions will be made known to you whenever the academic year begins.

1st May always heralds the beginning of summer vacation a time every student looks forward to, a time when most children would leave the hustle & bustle of city life & travel to their village, a time when books and school are left behind & the open inviting arms of nature beckon us to explore & discover a creation most enchanting & breathtaking.
Yes dear parents & students this is that time of the year where learning would take a new meaning, but alas today we find ourselves confined within the four walls of our apartments. Maybe we now understand better, the meaning of freedom & oh how we long to be free to do what we will.
While a corner of our heart, yearns to run out onto the street, to meet friends, visit restaurants & malls, good sense of our mind prevails & we sit back at home.
Should ‘Time’ which we always valued as precious now be wasted? Is there anything left for us to do? Do we have to sit grumble & moan. Yes we can do that but it won’t make us happy or satisfied. What else then?
Well I am not sure what appeals to you but children this is probably the best time to bond with your family, its a time you can give a helping hand to your mother, to reduce her work & show her that you really mean it when you say you love her. You could spend time listening to stories of her childhood, go through old photo albums & relive pleasant memories.
Its a good time to improve your language skills by reading. I’m sure your teachers might have shared links of the many e books now available free thanks to the generosity of some.
You may practice the yoga exercises you have learnt & enhance your fitness or may just do the simple exercises taught in the physical education class.
If you like cooking & ofcourse eating then spend some time following you tube recipes.
Be enterprising, have a peek at what lessons in different subjects lie in wait for you next year. Download the Diksha app & you may sit & learn with your parents.
Teachers will engage you with online classes When? We will soon let you know.
These are some things I have mentioned but I’m sure by now your fast ticking mind has thought of another ten more. Well keep yourself occupied doing things you always wanted to but never found time for & yes as you keep youself busy doing things you like don’t forget to observe the changes in your surroundings.
The lockdown has curbed human activities and to a large extent freed the environment of the negative human impact. There’s less pollution, the noise of the honking traffic has been replaced by the sweet sound of birds.
Take time to appreciate it.
We see the news flooded with the heroic deeds of our doctors, nurses, health care workers. Our men in uniform, the polce labour zealously round the clock to implement the law & also there are those helping hands that feed the hungry. We salute & bless all of these with a grateful heart.
You are living through historic times make your own daily observations, which someday you may add into your biography
So boys lets do our bit & grab this opportunity to exhibit our patriotism.

The school will reopen in June. We will keep you informed of the exact date, time & any other relevant detail. So remain connected to your class teacher till your new class teacher takes over.
Stay home stay safe.

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