It is that time of the year when parents are anxious, students supercharged and teachers buried amongst papers. You are right it is Exam time soon it will be curtains down on another academic year.

We wish all our students good luck especially our SSC Board Exam students; their performance will decide the direction of their life. It is important to remember and revise the rules of the game.

  • Have a healthy time schedule for studying. Go ahead take that break when needed, to keep the stress away for stress takes its toll emotionally as well as physically.
  • Eat well, it is important to give the right fuel for the machine to work efficiently and valuable time is not lost visiting doctors if one can stay away from illness.
  • Whilst we talk about keeping the body machine healthy let us not forget that the body needs adequate sleep. A body deprived of sleep will never perform to it’s full capacity.

Other factors to keep in mind :

  • know your exam timetable keep a copy pasted where you can see it prominently share it with family members so they too are aware and the correct mood is set at home.
  • Reach the exam centre well in time half an hour before the actual paper begins you are expected to sit in the exam hall. Remember hurrying will lead your mind to be agitated and that’s not beneficial to your performance.
  • Avoid last minute studying it is very unlikely that you will achieve in one hour what you did not in one whole year.

These are norms that not only students appearing for board exam but all students should practice.

Finally remember every exam is just a simple test and your result just indicates how you performed on that day it does not define you at most it only indicates what you are good at and what you are not good at.

So good luck do well. Remember after the exam waiting for you is a long VACATION.

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