English Extempore Competition (2019-2020)

The English Extempore competition was held on 26th July 2019. This was an Inter- House Competition in which standard V to X boys participated. Mrs. Melenie Rodrigues and Mrs. Gayatri Athavale were the in charge of this competition. The judges for the competition were Mrs.Josephine Gad and Mrs. Pamela Dsouza. After the competition the Judges gave the students tips, for how to present themselves for the competition. The English Extempore competition was a great success.

The following are the winners of the competition.

STD -5

First place         –    Aryan Ghagare      5E            –    Mars house

Second place     –    Krish Parmar         5C            –  Venus house

STD -6

First place        _     Harshit Patil        6C         –   Saturn house

Second place    –    Swaroop Patil      6E          –    Mars house

STD – 7

First place –          Nirmay Berde       7B         –   Jupiter house

Second place –      Zoheb Sayyad      7C           –   Venus house

STD – 8

First place –           Pratham Pareek      8B            –  Jupiter house

Second place –      Prajat Gajengi         8E           – Mars house

STD – 9

First place –           Aaradhya Pilane      9B    – Jupiter house

Second place –      Atharva Gawde        9E      – Saturn house

STD – 10

First place –           Sarthak kolnoorkar 10B         – Mars house

Second place –       Harsh Mohite         10C       –  Mars house

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