To bring awareness about Measles Rubella an Inter House Science Quiz competition was conducted on 3rd October for Students of Std. V to X. There were 12 participants from the Junior Group (Std. V to VII) and 8 participants from the senior group (Std. VIII and Std. IX) Representing their respective houses.

The quiz contest was indeed an enriching one as it helped the students to test their abilities and knowledge.

The competition was a great success as the students actively and enthusiastically participated. 

  • The result for the junior group is as follows:                                  Winners: Mars House:

Mast. Supash Shinge Std. 5

Mast.Fabian Fernandes Std. 6

Mast.Tanish Patil Std. 7

  • The result for the Senior group is as follows:
    Winners: Mars House:                                     

Mast.Pratham Kudalkar Std. 8               

Mast.Sarthak Kolnoorkar Std. 9