Activities for the Eco-club (2017 – 2018)

Eco- friendly Ganapati making competition

A demonstration was conducted by the famous person Mr Dattatri Kothur to show us how to make Ganapati idols from mud and after immersion the same idol turn to be the fertile ground for the growth of new plants.

With an intention of creating an Environmental awareness in children, the school eco-club conducted an Eco-friendly Ganapati making competition on 10th August,2017.

Students from class 6 to 8 participated in it. This event was judged our craft teacher Mrs Shabana Khan and Mrs Ketaki Bhagwat.

The result of the completion is as follows:

Position Name of student Class
First Pratham Bavkar 7-E
Second Daksh Mali 8-E
Third Aditya Shetye 6-E
Fourth Yash Mahadik 6-E


Trip to Bhavan’s Nature Park

The eco club team visted the Bhavan’s Nature Park on 19th January 2018. Boys had a fun filled day watching various shows and participating in various workshops. Some of the events were as follows:

  • Watching various insectivorous plants
  • Workshop on Pet care
  • Animal show
  • Workshop on Fun with Science
  • Plant care
  • Waste Management and creating compost in schools
  • Information on various tribes in India with their culture
  • Workshop on Kabaad ka Jugaad


Competition on Upcycling of Waste (Kabaad ka Jugaad)

Based on the learning experiences gained at the trip to nature’s park

our eco club conducted a competition based on upcycling of the waste.

The results were as follows:

Position Name of student Class
First Ayush Karpe 7-E
Second Daksh Mali 8-E
Third Yash Bhojne 8-E
Fourth Pratham Bavkar 7-E
Fifth Kirtan Chaurasia 7-E


Best Out of Waste (Warli painting)

Our art master Mr Rakesh Soni demonstrated how we can make use waste boxes and cartons like toothpaste box, medicine box, etc to convert them into useful decorative articles. The articles were made attractive by Warli Painting.

We conducted a competition based on Warli Painting to create Best from Waste.


The results of the competition is as follows:

Position Name of student Class
First Tanish Patil 6-E
Second Aradhya Pilane 7-E
Third Shraddesh Patil 7-E
Fourth Devansh Sharma 7-E
Fifth Gauresh Dusa 6-E


Power Point Presentation

The eco club boys were divided into ten groups and they made PPT’s on Reusing and Recycling of Tetra Packs . The boys collected about 3000 tetra packs and gave it to an NGO RUR for recycling it to make desks and benches

Glass Painting activity (Fevicryl)

The eco club also conducted a workshop on glass painting for its members. Demonstrations on glass painting was given by the Fevicryl organization. Students made various decorative articles after watching the demonstration. This new knowledge enriched them with new and creative learning experience.