Table Tennis

  • MSSA Inter School Table Tennis Tournament  atharva
  • U-16 Teams Runner Up(2nd place)
  • U-16 Singles Runner Up(2nd place)
  • DSO  U-16 Teams Winner( 1st Place)
  • Inter School Tournament
  • U-16 Singles Winner (1st Place)
  • U-16 Teams Winner( 1st Place)
  • District Championship 2015-2016
  • U-15 Boys Winner (1st Place)
  • U-18 Boys Semifinalist (3rd  Place)
  • State Ranking Tournament (Thane)                                                                           Atharva B. Kurade 
  • U-15 Boys Runner Up (2nd place)                                                                                   Std : 9 Div : C
  • State Championship (Pune)
  • U-15 Teams Semi Finalist ( 3rd Place)
  • DSO Taluka Level
  • U-16 Teams Semifinals (3rd Place)
  • DSO U-14 and u-16 Teams Winner (1st Place)
  • And many more local prizes


adityaMSSA Inter School Tournament                                                 

  • U-16 Teams Runner Up ( 2nd Place)
  • U-14 Singles Semi Finalist ( 3rd Place)

District Championship 2015-16                               

  • U-15 Boys Runner Up ( 2nd Place)                                                                               Aditya S.Shinde 
  • U-18 Boys Quarter Finalist ( 4th Place)                                                                         Std. 8   Div: A


  • U-14 Teams Winner Up (1st Place)

District Ranking

  • U-15 Boys Runner Up
  • U-18 Boys Semi Finalist (3rd Place)

State Championship (Pune)

  • U-15 Teams Semi Finalist (3rd Place)




  • Sub Jr . Boys (U-15) Semi Finalist – 3rd Place
  • Jr. Boys ( U-18) Quarter Finalist

MSSA (Inter School)                                                                                                          Mandar N.Chiplunkar

  • Team Runner-Up (U-16) – 2nd Place                                                                                  Std :7 Div : D

Maharashtra State Championship (Pune)

  • U-15 Teams Sub Jr.Boys (3rd place)
  • Inter School Gold Medal in under – 14 Boys team Event 2015