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Sports Academy | Dr. Antonio da Silva Trust

Our Sports Academy offers some of the best infrastructure for sports enthusiasts and athletes. Please contact Mr. Omprakash Joshi to get more details: + 91 98695 47650

Why are sports important during school …….
For the young student who enjoys a wide variety of sports the Antonio da Silva Sports Academy is a dream come true with the newly laid state of art sports infrastructure . Hockey, Football, Athletics Basketball ,Cricket ,Kabaddi and Volleyball will headline the roster of sports offered at the sports academy in addition to indoor sports like Table Tennis ,Chess and Carrom ,Badminton for a start.
The start of the sports division has been gradually giving us the success that we have aimed for and we continue to strive hard in that direction. The involvement and the unstinted support from the Dr Antonio Da Silva Trustees in the creation of the sports division for the promotion and development of sports in school cannot go unnoticed. For any project to be successful it has to have the unstinted support of the management and in this regard the trustees deserve a big salute once again for their efforts in seeing that sports plays an important role in the development of the school children.

A healthy mind resides in a healthy body and physical activity stimulates the physical and mental growth of the child and it has positive effects on their studies as well. The digital era has brought in major shift in the way children spend their free time and it is important for parents and teachers to bring the children back onto the ground.

The goal of the sports academy is not only to offer young trainees a place to play but to teach them a wide range of skills that they will use for the rest of their lives. Through spirited play geared towards individual ability levels trainees will learn multiple sports gain self confidence and acquire a love for sports to match their talent and interest. An individual who plays regularly not only develops a healthy body but also develops better body strength and better hand eye mind coordination. A sports person who perspire while taking part in sport releases a lot of toxins from the body and it also provides mental sharpness ,stamina and makes them less vulnerable to tiredness.

Educational Values.- sports imparts the importance of team spirit and gives them the experience of working with different people in different situations which are goping to hold them in good stead for the rest of their lives. Its going to be a great lesson in time management as even a minute can make a difference in a game and also the spirit of competition that drives them to give a extra effort and by inculcating sports from a very young age it helps build character and discipline including giving brings them a lot of confidence of being an individual with overall development.

Being actively involved in sports keeps their body functioning and makes it resilient against common ailments and makes them less prone to all sorts of illness .A mentally sharp and physically active child will be more likely to be stress free and better rested . due to academic
competition and pressure sports helps to reduce anxiety and provide a stress free and mentally free environment. The academy will be working towards identifying students of outstanding potential that can be nurtured through the academy to become part of the school team. The academy will progress only with the cooperation ,support and involvement of the students ,parents so that the player benefits from the coaching /training and improve their ability and understanding of the sport.

The Academy would strive to give every student the opportunity to demonstrate his best athletic ability while maintaining a spirit of respect and cooperation with the fellow students.We are looking out for developing all the children so that even if a student has not been
approached or registered in the academy there will be an opportunity given to him Our main goal is to get the best young talent in our school trained in achieving greater laurels and important to give them the best experience and opportunities to excel in the field of sports.

We feel privileged that we now have the opportunity with our new modern day sports infrastructure to train and develop our young talent in such a good facility.

The aims and objectives will be many but to choose and concentrate on these few points our focus will be to take part in Competitive tournaments in various teams and individual sports while believing that participation will improve their sporting abilities.

To provide opportunities for pupils to excel at sports and build future champions.

To ensure that every pupil can maximize their sporting potential and find a sport that they can enjoy and participate in with some success.

To develop an understanding of the importance of sports in the pursuit of a healthy and active lifestyle at school and beyond.

To develop self esteem and self confidence through positive sporting experiences and to provide a release for pupils in order to refresh for academics.

To prepare students to be able to participate fully in the competitive recreational and leisure opportunities offered outside the school environment.

To use sports as a means to develop social interaction and so learn about others as well as themselves and provide healthy competition through inter class and inter house matches.

It will require patience and time for building talent and getting results and the first year in office has produced the right results for the school which has been a power house of sports in the past.


Joaquim Carvalho

Olympian Arjuna Awardee, India Captain Coach









Table Tennis










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